Notices for 30th July 2017

Hearing the Service

St John’s has an Induction Loop System so if you have a hearing aid, please switch it to the ’T’ setting.

Summertime Special Services

For our summer services, the musical setting will be familiar folk tunes for the Gloria and other sung parts of the service.  This will be combined with a slightly shorter service in that there will be only one reading and no Psalm.  We hope that this will be more accommodating of families that are in church while Kids’ Club is on holiday.  Normal services resume on Sunday, 3rd September.



Little Questions with Big Answers

Our final Food 4 Thought discussion based around a series of ‘little books of guidance’ these sessions deal with some of the little questions about Christian faith which stir up big challenges when it comes to answering them, takes place this afternoon.  We meet in the Library at The Victoria Pub on Strathearn Place at 12 noon.  Everybody orders their own food and then we get into the discussion - all to be completed by 2.00pm.

Why does God allow suffering?
30th July 2017

What’s the problem?
Why create a world with suffering?
What does Jesus do about suffering?

School Starter Sunday

It’s a bit early but so you can put this date in your diary before you go away, our Back to School Sunday is on 3rd September, when children starting reception classes this year receive a special St John’s pencil case and all children returning to school receive a blessing before resuming their studies.


Horseman’s Sunday

17th September 2017

This year we are celebrating the 50th Horseman’s Sunday!  In addition to the usual volunteers, this year we are looking for someone with particular PR skills to help us to publicise this milestone event.  If you can help, please speak to Bryan Sollenberger after the service.


Sponsor a Window

As part of the works, we are delighted that we have been given permission to restore the clerestory windows and replace the frosted glass with clear glass, as would have been originally.  The restoration of clear glass at this level should flood the ceiling with light and significant enhance the building in all seasons as the light changes.

The cost of replacing the glass and restoring these windows is likely to be in the region of £28,000.  There are 14 windows so that is £2,000 per window.  We would be delighted if people would like to sponsor a window!  If you are a UK taxpayer, after Gift Aid it is only £1,600.  If a full window is a bit much, then why not half a window, which would be £1,000 (or £800 with Gift Aid).  If that is a bit of a stretch, we would be delighted if you could sponsor a quarter of a window (£400 plus Gift Aid) or just a pane or two for £100 or £200.  Every donation helps!

Donations can be made either to the Vicar or Bryan Sollenberger at the parish office. 


St John’s Book Club

St John’s Book Club had an excellent meeting earlier this month.  After some deliberation book, they selected "The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling", known colloquially as Tom Jones, as the subject of their next meeting.  Given the summer and that this is a long read, the next meeting will be on Monday, October 2nd. 



Marking a special birthday?  Celebrating an anniversary?  Wanting to remember that special person?  St John’s can help!  To honour a loved one or to commemorate a special event, you can sponsor some music or flowers, have fizz & refreshments after the service - there are lots of possibilities.  If you would like to observe a special occasion or honour someone special, speak to Bryan Sollenberger.



Lord Mayor’s Corner

The Lord Mayor is having a well earned break following a rather hectic schedule in his first two months in office.  Catch up with him when he returns in a few weeks.


School Gate Gossip

Our school has recently had a SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools).  We are delighted that our status as a good school is confirmed.  What the report says about our pupils, staff and parents confirms that we are doing the right things to ensure that the children in our care start their education with emphasis not only on academia but also on becoming caring, compassionate, respectful and thoughtful people.  The Christian values which underpin our daily school life are recognized as being of great value to all our pupils from all faiths and none.  We owe our thanks to the head teacher, all our staff and our clergy, not only for their work in implementing the RE curriculum and delivering good impacts but also in fostering an environment in which the children can grow in safety and confidence.


Under Five’s Playgroups

Information about the weekly community playgroups that meet at St John’s can be found at for the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning groups and for the Russian speaking playgroup on Wednesday mornings.

The scaffolding has now come down in church but as the summer holidays are imminent, playgroups will resume in September.