St John’s Hyde Park is here to help you planning your wedding - we want to do whatever we can to make it the best possible day for you.

If you’d like to find out more, please come in and speak to one of the staff in the office or better yet, come
along on a Sunday morning at 10am to become familiar with the space and see what St John’s is all about.

The service

Whether you are looking for a highly personal service or a very traditional wedding, we aim to be as flexible as possible to make your day as special and meaningful as we can (working within the bounds of the Church of England guidelines). If we are not your home church, there are also ways to involve a minister or pastor close to your family within some aspects of the service (provided they are DBS checked). We can also help to arrange your order of service, flowers, music and hospitality.

Please do give us a call to explore the possibilities.

Wedding Blessings

Many couples who have had a civil wedding decide they would also like to dedicate their marriage to God in church soon afterwards.  A couple can have their marriage blessed in church, whether married in the UK or abroad, and for couples who marry abroad, it can be a way of ensuring more family and friends can celebrate the marriage if they were unable to travel to another country for the legal marriage.

As members of Inclusive Church, and One Body we celebrate the diversity of St John’s community and congregation. Accordingly, we would be delighted to support same-sex couples in celebrating an important mile-stone in their relationship through a personalised service of prayer and dedication. We encourage you to ring and discuss the possibilities of a service that fits within the guidelines of the Church of England, reflecting both the spiritual and meaningful commitment you have made.


St John’s church is a beautiful Georgian building which is light and airy. There is normally seating set up for 200 in the congregation, but it is possible to seat up to 400 with seating in the aisles.  There is also space to have a drinks reception or even a dinner in the Church if you wish to. The church facilities include under-floor heating to ensure a comfortable climate year round, a small kitchen, a wine cooler and newly refurbished lavatories.

The forecourt can also be booked to provide you with parking spaces for your guests or for other large vehicles.

The Music

The music at St John’s rivals that of any church in the world. Our eight choral scholars are postgraduates from the best London music colleges, all early in their careers as professional signers, while our musical director has experience across all musical genres and brings in instrumentalists of the very highest quality. So whatever you want, whether opera, musical theatre, spirituals, traditional choral or contemporary we can arrange the ideal music for you.

Can I get married at St John's?

Getting married at Church isn’t as difficult as one thinks. If one of you has a connection to St John’s already and you are both EU citizens then it is very straightforward, but even if this isn’t the case it may be possible to have a Church wedding, please speak to a member of the clergy to discuss the possibilities. People who are divorced can also be married in the Church of England.

Some couples choose to be married in a civil (registry office) ceremony and then have a service of prayer and dedication. Sadly there are some cases where it is not legal to be married in the church, in these cases, if you would like a service of prayer and dedication after the civil ceremony, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Creating a Unique experience

While there are some requirements, actually the service can be flexible to reflect who you are, your own tastes and the story of your relationship.  With our flexible building and helpful team we can work with you to put together a service that is perfectly tailored to you and makes it a unique and memorable occasion for everyone.  We’re on hand to help with music choices, readings and ideas for being creative throughout the service.