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Good Friday Service

Anthems from Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Thursday passes into Good Friday. First, the Liturgy celebrates the veneration of the Cross at the time Jesus died. It is a widespread custom for there not to be a celebration of the Eucharist on Good Friday, but for the consecrated bread and wine remaining from the Maundy Thursday Eucharist to be given in communion. The church remains stripped of all decoration. It continues bare and empty through the following day, which is a day without a liturgy: there can be no adequate way of recalling the being dead of the Son of God, other than silence and desolation. But within the silence there grows a sense of peace and completion, and then rising excitement as the Easter Vigil draws near.

This solemn season preserves some of the oldest texts still in current use, and rehearses the deepest and most fundamental Christian memories.

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