History of the Hyde Park Estate

The notorious Tyburn Tree was, for centuries, London’s chief site of public executions and hangings. The ‘tree’ was actually a gallows (big enough to hang 23 people simultaneously) set along the old Roman Road outside the city. Now the area is one of the most desirable in London, read on to learn about the history of this great corner of our global city.

Is Church just for Anoraks

Is going to church like train spotting – Only for Anoraks? Do you ever feel coy or embarrassed admitting that you go to church? If so, why do you feel like that? Is it because others may think you’re a weirdo who hasn’t got a life and only sad people go to church? Is it because of the stereotypes that exist about the church and are often exaggerated by the media?

Traditional and Informal?

Traditional and Informal?

Up and down the country many people are asking the same question. It seems that traditional communion services, hymns and the idea of a parish church for the whole community has disappeared from the good old C of E.

Has it all been replaced by guitars, drums, and music bands—so-called happy clappy music—and call-me-Freddie clergy with open necked shirts and woolly jumpers? Sometimes it can seem that local communities get driven out by large, imported congregations. Those that value traditional liturgy and good, thought provoking sermons can find themselves with nowhere to go.