Trinity: "Out of Joint"

The Revd Brutus Green
 Strong Son of God, immortal Love,
 Whom we, that have not seen thy face,
 By faith, and faith alone, embrace,
 Believing where we cannot prove;
 Be with us now and always.  Amen.

Everyone will have known moments when ‘the time is out of joint’.  Times when the extremes of human emotion pull you out of day to day living into a new unfamiliar world.

Trinity Sunday: "The Living Faith of the Dead"

The Revd Brutus Green

North of Swansea is a beautiful valley full of waterfalls, which my friends and I used to drive up to when we were teenagers in search of adventure. It’s hard to believe but when I was a teenager I wasn’t the hard-headed practical man of action I am now, but was metaphorically, and - to my present chagrin - literally, a lot more blonde, with my golden locks mostly in the clouds.

Easter: Stations of the Cross Reflections

The Revd Brutus Green
Condemned to be Crucified
Jesus Accepts his Cross

The Stations of the Cross are usually, as is the case this evening, accompanied by the singing of the Stabat Mater; a hymn that follows the Way of the Cross from the position of Mary. We witness Jesus’ suffering from his mother’s perspective, a mother losing her first child. It’s an invitation, not an emotional manipulation, but an invitation to come as near as possible; to experience Christ’s love for the world from the position of the person who loved him and knew him best; to allow ourselves to approach the suffering love of Jesus.

Epiphany: "Christ's Baptism"

Back in 1994 when I was a fresh-faced, innocent slip-of-a-boy, I headed off on a hockey tour to Zagreb, which happened to be involved at the time in the Croatian war of Independence. My comrades were a crew of Swansea rogues only too happy to escape wives and jobs for a week of sport and lager. The hockey was serious, but the drinking was more serious and the singing most serious of all, eclipsing Tom Jones and Max Boyce with a hearty ribaldry I dare not speak of here.