Margaret Legg

Christ the King: What Sort of Kingdom?

The Reverend Margaret Legg

Stir up Sunday

Stir up Sunday was how the last Sunday before Advent was known when I was a child and it really was when Mum stirred up her Christmas Pudding. This was in the days of the Book of Common Prayer and the Collect begins ‘Stir up we beseech Thee, O Lord, the wills of your faithful people that they may plenteously bring forth the fruit of good works…

All Saints': Holding fast to belief

The Reverend Margaret Legg

All Saints’ Day follows Hallowe’en – the Eve of All Hallows Day.

Some of the decorations are still around – it’s big nowadays. Sign of the lighted pumpkin and 55 treats in half an hour. Pumpkin was taken in!!

Ancient Celtic festival of the dead: SAMHAIN. We’re increasingly fascinated by the dark, sinistra, the left. The treats are a way of trying to make light of what is frightening and to appease the ghosts and ghoulies. This fascination is linked to that kind of perverse pleasure that enjoys the misfortune of others (photos of traffic accidents), that almost hopes good people will go wrong.

Trinity: Two Daughters

The Revd Margaret Legg

Fear is something, it seems to me, that we all experience at one time or another. Perhaps that’s why it crops up so often in the Gospels. Last week it was the disciples who were afraid, tossed about in the tempest in their little boat while Jesus slept). This week both Jairus, the synagogue leader and the woman suffering from haemorrhages experience fear, for quite different reasons.

Trinity: "Following" Jesus

The Reverend Margaret Legg

I love my new Smart phone. I know Steve you’re wondering about upgrading your Nokia 6210. Go for it: you can enjoy What’s App groups, photos, apps (bus times, free prints)
Just imagine if Jesus had used a Smartphone! Thousands of followers -  the system may well have crashed from overwhelming numbers of users. BUT... would he have used one? I ask because they can lead to a somewhat restricted way of life. And readings are about a full life. Life in all its fullness. Life lived as Jesus models it, based on love for all and service to all.

Advent: "A Change of Key"

The Reverend Margaret Legg

From the sunny uplands of Galilee to Jerusalem; from teaching and parables to the Apocalyptic language we have just heard, the long Sundays of Trinity are over, we’re looking towards Advent. Apocalypse, from the Greek word meaning revelation or disclosure, describes the wild and turbulent state that will presage the coming of God’s Messiah.

Trinity: "10 Years at St John's"

The Reverend Margaret Legg

The new £1 coins; have you got used to them yet? My son’s not too keen. When I asked him why he replied, ‘I don’t like change!’ Well, 10 years ago I had to get used to change, when I stepped out of the front door for the first time wearing a dog collar and clerical garb, to walk through the park to St James Sussex Gardens for my Deaconing. I felt the eyes of each person I passed were boring into me. Now I’m glad to say that self-consciousness has gone.

Trinity: "A little tourism is a great thing"

The Reverend Margaret Legg

‘What would you say Italy is like?’ I've just spent three packed days in Sorrento: Pompeii, roman villa San Marco of the fabulously wealthy and the Versailles of Italy, the Royal Palace of Caserta outside Naples, once a private home of the Bourbon Kings and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was great albeit brief holiday. But if you were to ask me ‘What would you say Italy is like?’ I would struggle to reply.

Trinity: "3 Rs of Mission"

The Reverend Margaret Legg

Today’s Gospel reminds me of a joke: Jesus arrives at the pearly gates. The gatekeeper is delighted. A warm welcome. But who have you left in charge? He asks. The disciples, replies Jesus. WHAT??? Don’t worry, I know they betrayed me, ran away and locked themselves up after my resurrection because they were frightened, but I have trained them well.

Lent: "There's a Knack to it (but no k's)"

The Reverend Margaret Legg

A familiar reading from Matthew’s Gospel – or is it? St John’s is a familiar church – or is it?Our Lent sermon series on worship at St John’s begins with ‘welcome’ because each Sunday there are worshippers for whom this is a new experience. How we relate to them while they are here, how welcome they feel could well determine whether or not they ever repeat their visit to a church.

Christmas 2: "Not just about happy families"

The Reverend Margaret Legg

Christmas is not only about happy families, as the secular world would increasingly have us believe. It is about reality. And the reality of life, I suggest, is that we are all prone to do what we shouldn’t. Those in power are particularly prone, especially when they wield that power by force, not consent.

Advent: "Words matter"

The Reverend Margaret Legg

Words matter, our words matter. In Advent, one way to prepare for the arrival of another voice, that of the Word made flesh, is to pay attention to our words. From which part of us do they spring. From our own vanity, by which I mean more than pride. It includes fear, shame, resentment, emotions that spring from our own egos. Or from God, from that divine spark deep within us, our God centres