Epiphany: "Come and See"

The Reverend Robin Sims-Williams

I realised this week that I have once again missed a major cultural trend. And this one was quite surprising. I would have thought I, of all people, would have noticed. I was reading books to Meredith in the library when I realised that there has been a shift from the clean shaven Mr Brown in Paddington Bear or the dad in the Tiger who came to tea or even Alfie’s dad. Now all fathers in new picture books are hirsute men. Out with the clean shaven fathers and in with the bearded dads with typical Hipster whiskers. 

Trinity: "You've Got the Looks... or Have You?"

The Revd Margaret Legg

Holidays. The schools, parliament, the Queen, Bryan. Even the vicar is on holiday!! Hurray for an August Baptism to swell our numbers!

Where do we look for happiness? For many of us, holidays are a source of happiness. They are after all a time of relaxation, refreshment and regeneration. The author Alain de Botton writing in the paper this week about holidays, points out that there’s no work to be done, the view on the azure sea is perfect, the weather warm and sunny. Holidays are a time of happiness and fulfilment. My cleaning lady longs for hers all year. Personally I long for hers to end!!

Trinity: "Laughing With Enemies"

The Revd Robin Sims-Williams

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but I’ve been reminded recently that it is easier to gain passionate support by denouncing something than by standing in favour of it. Against this union of Great Britain, against politicians, against the status quo, against change. I’ve been haunted by the shouts of ‘Never, never, never’ played on the radio and television as part of the obituaries of Ian Paisley from his protest to the Ango-Irish agreement of 1985.

Before Lent: "Atomic Time"

There is a theme consistently deployed in the Bible and running through most of our liturgies and hymns, which is so at odds with contemporary life that it is easily overlooked, ignored as part of an old world, no longer true or relevant. Certainly it would have been more evident a few thousand years ago, but the only reason we don’t notice it today is because we have carefully concealed the evidence. We have found more and more ways of evading the truth about time:

Advent: "Cognitive Ease"

The Revd Brutus Green

I have slight obsessive tendencies. Nothing too disturbing or unmanageable. Just a slight craving for order. The sort of straightening cutlery at dinner, making the table symmetrical, compulsion that some might mistake just for an attention to detail. It noticeably increases in times of stress or anxiety. So if I’m really hectically busy, I also have to fit in a couple of hours for tidying. Counter-productive but as they say, tidy room, tidy mind.