Ascension: "Looking to the Horizon"

The Reverend Robin Sims-Williams

‘Why do you stand looking up towards heaven?’

I remember being told of my grandmother’s death. It was long expected, but I can recall sitting in my college rooms, in the chapel and on the wall by the river, staring into the distance, looking towards the horizon. Towards a hope for better times. I think, there have been many people staring into heaven, or into their hands, or into the distance, this week. In anger, or desperation, and even in hope.

Ascension: "Batman Is Gone Up With a Triumphant Shout!"

The Revd Brutus Green

Some years ago I was pounding along on a running machine in a gym in Exeter. The machine was quite unfortunately lined up, though, and only half looked on to a mirrored wall which continued off to my right. I have a slightly obsessive need for order and really hate things not to be lined up. This was nothing to do with vanity.