All Souls

All Souls: "Confidence"

The Revd Robin Sims-Williams

Confidence is one of the three components of the Diocese of London’s vision for 2020. In that context ‘Confidence’ is about leadership and communicating with the world at large. Confidence can be good, but it can also be unhelpful. It’s the word journalists use when they want to really make a politician squirm, make them avoid giving assurance that the outcome of a new initiative is known. For those of no faith, or little faith there can be some misconception that a Christian’s confidence in eternal life means there is no need to mourn, that death is nothing to fear.

All Souls: "Death Be Not Proud"

There are two equally important and equally damaging approaches to the question of the individual and society that may offer wisdom or temptation in equal measure. I will refer to them here as Miss Liberal and Mr Social. Which paradigm you instinctively prefer, in all probability, will entirely affect your politics, your attitude to others, and, most importantly, your theology.