Mary and Joseph's Advent Ramble

Advent is drawing close! As part of our preparation for Christmas,  every year Mary and Joseph [dolls] travel to homes around the Parish.

Mary and Joseph, together with a bag full of things to use and play with, stories to read, colour pictures and an entourage of animals, are passed on every morning to a different family. That day, the family has the great opportunity to talk about the Christmas story, play together and have a great time. And don’t forget to to check your own pictures of previous years in the booklet provided and take some new ones this year!

Mary and Joseph leave the church on Advent Sunday (27th November) after the Eucharist and return to St. John’s for the Crib Service on Christmas Eve at 4 pm.

If you would like to host Mary and Joseph, please complete this google form or speak to Becky, Robin or Antonio asap. Thanks!