Harvest Festival

Today we delivered boxes of food and clothes to the West London Day Centre from our Harvest Festival collection yesterday. During the Family Eucharist our children brilliantly read the lessons and led the intercessions when we thanked God for all that we receive and prayed for those in need. 

The Reverend Antonio García Fuerte unpacked the theme of Sustainability talking with the children about the importance of a fallow year, to allow the ground to recover from growing crops and recuperate. Antonio also helped the children, who had all brought in sustainable foods, to think about how we can all contribute to sustaining our earth by reusing and recycling our waste and by sourcing our food responsibly. 

The Reverend Antonio García Fuerte talks about Sustainability with the children.

Harvest Gifts collected for the West London Day Centre

Finally the children helped gather up all the gifts people had brought for the West London Day Centre, and brought them to the altar for the Great Thanksgiving at Eucharist.