Our community at St John’s reflects the rich diversity of central London.

“Saints from every tribe and language and nation… made to be a kingdom and priests serving our God.” 

People from many countries make up our Sunday congregation, and we also enjoy welcoming visitors staying in the local hotels around Paddington station. To celebrate this diversity, one of our traditions is that we all say the Lord’s Prayer in our own mother tongue. Our approach to hospitality and inclusivity is founded in the teaching of Jesus, to learn more read an article on Inclusivism.


We try to make our services and activities appeal to young and old alike. We are diverse in other ways too – married, single, gay, lesbian, working, retired, affluent, less well-off. We try to offer opportunities for everybody to be a part of the community which suits their situation.

Documentary on fasting in different faiths.


We work to engage with others’ opinions and with other faiths, and to be accepting of change.  We have close links with other local churches, and with the Jewish and Muslim faith communities centred on the Edgware Road.


No one should feel excluded from St John's by physical or intellectual hurdles. There is a rota of helpers who bring and care for adults with special needs at our services. We do struggle to make our historic building more accessible - at present step-free access is available via a ramp into the Church Hall.


People like you?

We are classically English, following the traditions of the Church of England, but on any given Sunday morning you may find people from Africa, Europe and America worshiping along side one another. We have people of commerce and industry, diplomats, travellers, writers and students along with local residents and young families. 

Thanksgiving Day service, followed by roast turkey supper


We are in the heart of a community where many Americans live during their time in London and for over 45 years we have welcomed Americans who are naturally drawn to the lively international community which worships at St John’s.

Visiting from Africa

Over the years we have welcomed people from all over the continent of Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia and the Sudan. Many of our members of African descent are here throughout the year, but others come and go on a regular basis, seeing St John’s as their London church.


London’s a great place to be making a living, but you have to work hard and play hard to get the most out of the city. At St John’s we think you can do all that and still have room for God in your life. We welcome young, professional people. Some of us have been 'churchy' for a while but many are exploring this God thing for the first time or are recovering from bible-bashers. 


St John's is the perfect place to bring your family. There is a thriving Kids Club in the parish hall during the Sunday 10am service, which engages in the same stories as the main service in a way which is appropriate for their age. Some families stay together in the main church and there are pew bags with toys and books to help them engage with what is going on.


St John's is a creative place and many of us lead creative lives, at work and at home. Many years ago, the crypt under the chapel to the Virgin at St. John's was used by a young man starting a new business selling records - the chapel may have gone, but the business named after it goes on. Whether you are just starting your own business or have been running one for years, you will find people at St John's who understand the challenges and the joys you experience.