St John’s main church building offers a unique auditorium space in the centre of London ideal for concert performances for all types of music, dance and theatre. There are 400 square meters of completely flexible space, high ceiling height (up to 18m in the central aisle), solid stone floor in a very well maintained and internally modern church. With space for up to 643 seats in theatre layout and 200 comfortable chairs able to be laid out in a variety of ways, the space is ideal for your performance. There is a fixed raised stage area of 100 square meters but this can be incorporated into a larger performance area for the uses of a full symphony orchestra and other similar size ensembles.

St John’s is in the heart of the quiet residential area of the Hyde Park Estate thus offering a space with very little, if any, noticeable external noise intrusion. There is a Yamaha C7 concert grand piano and a second grand piano, both available by prior arrangement. There is also a fully restored (2015) Hill, 3 manual, tracker action organ (1867), again available by prior arrangement. It is also possible to hire the parish hall as a green room for performers.

To enquire ring St John's or to book or get a quote ring +44 333 241 3022 or visit St Johns Community Bookings.